Welcome to Phase 2

We’ve designed a new and better model for delivering IT services and solutions.

Who are we?

We are a collection of technology professionals with an aim to do something remarkable – to disrupt an industry! We are intentionally exclusive and only accept the best into our fold. Whether their focus is on sales, technical delivery, project management or some combination, our members are exceptional. They’re exceptional in their abilities and their commitment to their clients and fellow members. 

What do we believe? 

We believe that our members deserve more of the proceeds from their efforts. You’re doing the work, you should be making the money. We believe there is value in freedom. Freedom to achieve the work life balance that is right for you. To work on what you want, when you want and with who you want.  We believe you can make a great living and enjoy what you do. We reject the corporate factories that demand so much and for most, return so little. We believe that current versions of the gig economy are flawed. Gigs are good for extra cash not making a living. With a gig, you’re on your own! 

We believe there is a better way!

Businesses, government entities and educational institutions have complex technology challenges that cannot be solved with traditional freelance approaches. These organizations need support from teams of resources. They need the support of an organization that can provide a wide range of services and products. They need the support of an organization they can count on to deliver. 

Our membership is designed to meet the needs of these organizations.  These are the types of projects and engagements we enjoy. We want to solve the big problems, leverage the newest approaches and technologies. This is what keeps us interested, it is why we got into this industry in the first place! 

We believe a team of talented, highly motivated members working together, can better support clients than a factory full of employees. We believe we can deliver excellence while still enjoying what we do. We can exceed client expectations without giving up our personal or family lives. We believe each member should have the freedom and opportunity to what they want with their career and their lives! 

Phase II Membership Guidelines

How to be successful 

  • Build your network. Members collaborate, much more than they compete. The more relationships you build the more opportunities will be presented. 
  • Participate. Wallflowers never get to dance! You need to contribute and be visible. 
  • Bring in clients. This is not a job board, you need to be actively prospecting for new clients. 
  • Sharpen the razor. Our world is all about change, you need to keep your skills sharp, be current on the things that are in demand.  
  • Help others. Be willing to jump in and lend a hand when it is needed, the favor will be returned. 

Our Growth Depends on Yours

  • Collaboration with the Phase 2 Community
  • Learn from Your Peers
  • Company Sponsored Training/Certification

Make Time for What Matters

  • Work as Much or as Little as You Want
  • Earn What You’re Worth
  • Enjoy the Lifestyle You’ve Worked For

Inspire the Enterprise

  • Challenging Work
  • More Responsibility, More Autonomy
  • The Phase 2 System: Process + Team