Thank You!

May 31, 2017 by Terry Murray

First of all, we would like to thank all of our family, friends, clients and partners for supporting us in this new endeavor.

In a single week, we have been able to completely launch this new organization, getting distribution in place as well as establishing eight critical vendor partnerships. There is no way we could have pulled this off without all our friends in the channel and the great onboarding team at Avnet. We truly appreciate it. We look forward to doing business together and leveraging our combined tools and expertise to solve our client’s most challenging issues.

On the client side, we are overwhelmed and humbled by the number of you that have said yes and placed your confidence in us. We thank you and look forward to showing you that your confidence in us was warranted. You are the reason we built this new organization. While this new organization will certainly have new wrinkles, our commitment to our clients and deep technical expertise will remain the same. We will always approach your challenges as if they are our own and provide straight, no nonsense guidance on the various approaches and technologies. We will work to earn your confidence and trust on each and every engagement.

To our families that we’ve neglected this past week, as we frantically worked to get everything in place. We appreciate your patience, understanding and support, even if you are nervously chewing your lips as you give it! We appreciate your sacrifices in allowing us to do this and we promise every week won’t be as crazy as the first one!

Photo byHoward RimintononUnsplash

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