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Causes of Network Failures

Organizations tend to underestimate the time and expertise required to manage and maintain network monitoring solutions. You need a partner who can address the root cause of network issues, not just the symptoms. Learn more about the most common causes of network failure and how we can help.

Maintenance Woes

Monitoring solutions require upgrades, patches, or configuration mods that may have negative side effects.

Growth Pains

Simply adding new devices and decommissioning obsolete ones can cause unintended side effects if not handled properly.

System Complexity

Network solutions are comprised of many interdependent parts. Maximizing uptime requires deep understanding of how these pieces fit together.

Bandaid Failure

Monitoring solutions should not only help “fix” a problem, they should provide insight into how to avoid future issues.
Benefits of a Professionally Deployed and Managed Network Monitoring Solution
Insight into the availability and performance of your network infrastructure
Freedom to reallocate resources toward other tasks
Clear understanding of trends, allowing you to make informed decisions
Earlier detection and faster time to resolution for issues that may arise

Our Services

Network Monitoring

  • Monitoring of network devices and connectivity using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies
  • Coordination with third party providers—e.g., broadband, phone, hardware—on repair work
  • Configuration tracking and change management for network devices
  • Alert response, including performance of initial triage and notification to appropriate personnel and third parties for remediation
  • Detailed monthly reports including tickets and alerts generated, utilization trends, recommended firmware upgrades and patches

Network Management

Everything included under Network Monitoring, plus:
  • Firmware updates and patches
  • Consistently executed changes and updates based on defined policies
  • Port configurations, VLANs, routers, firewall rules and settings
  • VPN management and support

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